Our newest additions!

We have been talking about getting a dog for a while, well we didn’t get one.   :)  I’ve always been a cat person and we like to travel a lot, so a dog really didn’t seem like the best choice.  The boys needed a pet.  We found out that we were not getting Byron’s grandma back with us, so we could pull the trigger on a pet.  Byron gave me the go ahead and I did!  We started with two.  The middle kitty was claimed by Elijah who, at first, named him Elijah.  After a little while he just started calling him Alexander, so that has stuck.  It’s his middle name so it’s still named after him.  The black and white kitty was claimed by Caleb at the APA.  He named her Bauer.  He started out calling her Max and then told me he wanted her real name to be Bauer and her nick name to be Max.  I thought that sounded fine, so Bauer has stuck.  We didn’t have the third the first night, but Noah felt left out and the tabby was the only kitten left in same cage as the other two at the APA.  I felt bad we didn’t take her too, so the next day (after Byron’s approval), I went and picked her up.  She is a NUT but SO cute.  She is named Nikki ‘after Noah’.   They both start with N :)  The boys have been having so much fun with them & I totally love sleeping with them!  They are great kitty’s and very patient with the boys.

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