Some of our dearest friends!

Here’s some pictures of some of our closest friends (even though there are WAY too many miles between us).  We got to go see them this past week right before Christmas and had a wonderful time.  Too short of a visit.  Our friend Randy is the one many of you all have been praying for for us.  He continues to need prayer and will for sure need it in February when there is the next big surgery.  Please continue to keep this family in your prayers, it’s been quite a year for them and they are a wonderful family.

Josie and Willa play in rock bands!  How cool is that?!  Anyway, when we decided to head out there way I thought it would be fun to give the girls a rock star photo shoot.  I had a blast and I hope they did too (they seemed to)  :).  Here’s some of their pictures.  Oh, they were taken on Josie’s 11th birthday!  Happy Birthday again, Josie!


The girls LOVED this picture of their dog :)



There are many faces of Willa.  I could have done a blog post of just the faces she made for me.  It was pretty funny!  Here’s just a very small sample of them.


Could she be any cuter?  Well here’s one more face :)

Super pretty rocker girls!  Love you all!

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