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The Little Family!

It was a fun beautiful day!  It’s been many years since I got to hang with these cute girls.  It’s still hard to tell them apart, but I think I’m getting it now :)  They were SO sweet to each other.   It’s fun to watch siblings and how they interact.  I love my job!

On a personal note…..our house sold and we have a contract on a new one!  Very exciting!  Lots of packing to do before we close in a month!!!!

Finally, Key!!!!

Here he is just wondering what the heck he’s doing in a coke box!  I LOVE coca cola, so I love the box!

Such a sweet smile!

Lovin’ the laugh!  What a strong little man this was!

Sweet dreams!

I was about ready to make him my 4th boy.  So cute and sweet!  It was lots of fun, thanks for coming my way!  :)

Sweet little one year old Olivia!

To me she totally looks like a precious moments baby.  SO stinking sweet!

The picture on the left is how she was most of the morning.  She kept spinning so her back was toward me.  :)  At the end she was getting tired so we gave her her milk and blanket.  Nothing better than the milk face and a big smile.  As always she was a doll!

Big sister Maggie got in on the shoot.  She clearly is going to be THREE!   Beautiful little girls!

I just loved the whole outfit, so we went for a full length shot.  Love how she’s holding her dress!

Here they were waiting to get the family shot.  I decided to get one with just daddy.  I LOVE this picture!  It’s just real life at picture time.

Maggie is cracking me up with the look she is giving Olivia, “What the heck is wrong with you?”  Mom and dad are just smiling trying to get through the family picture with some sanity left.

With one switch of a head……”WE DID IT!”  Not bad, huh?!

Thanks for another fun session!

I’m hoping to post a few more from another session sometime today or tomorrow!  Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger these days.

Just an update on me if you are not on facebook as my friend….I sprained my ankle after a bridal show on Sunday.  My computer hit the street but thankfully I have a MAC and it didn’t break!!!!  The ankle is healing nicely.  There’s a nasty picture on facebook of it and my nice green toenail polish.

Enjoy this drab Saturday!

Some cute babies I got to play with this week!

SOOOOOO beautiful!!!!

Cute little man, love those curls!


Have you ever seen such beautiful skin?!

Such a doll!

OMGoodness is that the cutest expression?!

This little man had such a contagious laugh and he laughed A LOT!  He was a lot of fun!

He was one of the youngest and SO strong.  He smiled a bunch for such a little guy.  How cute is he?

Lots going on these days!  I am leaving Monday for SPA (Senior Portrait Artist Conf.) in CA. I get home late Saturday night…..THEN……early Sunday morning I have to set up for a bridal show.  My friend & I joined companies for weddings.  We are now Shimmering Light Wedding Photography!  Check us out at  I’m am very excited but it’s all kind of come together really fast and I’m worn out.  Our first wedding show will be at St. Louis’ Best Bridal show February 20 12p-4p at the Hyatt Downtown.  I’ll post pictures from SPA and the show when I get home and can breath.